Mooncooco - Articulated paper dolls by Maria Dubrovskaya. Бумажные куклы Маши Дубровской.

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News (Nov 15, 2017):
Xmas Sale is over, but you still can order some Christmas gifts and get them in time. Just choose the express shipping option - now it's cheaper than ever, starts from $12 and takes just 5-6 days of delivery!

Hi friends! I'm Maria from Siberia. I've been travelling around Asia for 10 years, kitesurfing on the beautiful beaches and riding a motorcycle through incredible Himalayas. Was looking for inspiration here and there and found a lot! Now I live and create my paper dolls in the Philippines and in Indonesia. I sell them online and ship worldwide.

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My paper dolls are hand painted, each one is original and made with love. My plan is to spread this love all over the world. Paper dolls make just a great, very unusual gift, I'm sure you will love to give them away, because people really LOVE to get them as presents, you will see it in their eyes. And I know - once you've touched my paper dolls, you'll fall in love with them too. Then don't forget to get a present for yourself ;)